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조니​ : form + spirit : greeting the sacred 

I welcome you and your ancestors too. I greet the ecology present within you, especially those intersections where you spillover and evade capture. May this be our blessing together. May our containers overflow as we encounter one another with tenderness and grace.   


Jonie is a textile artist who found her way into hand embroidery by the guidance to use each stitch as an anchor during meditation. As she integrated these two ancient practices, she found herself woven through time and seated in the presence of her ancestors. Jonie’s work explores the space where she encounters spirit in the creative process and how it has become a guide to embody the infinite, not just in her artwork but in all of life. She has a background as a body and energy worker, quilter and musician, as well as being a mother to two amazing young people. Her practices are rooted in liberation and firmly tied to centering the inherent worth of all beings.

Each hand embroidery is a manifestation of her daily stitching meditation practice and inhabits the dance between the realm of thought and the non-attachment of presence. Jonie also stitches to honor and celebrate her 할머니 halmoni who worked with spirit as a healer among her small village in Korea and a craftswoman raising silk-worms, spinning her own thread and creating textiles for trade and competition. Jonie's

할아버지 haraboji was a farmer and looked to the clouds as guidance on when to sow and when to harvest. In this same way, Jonie is devoted to being in sacred relationship with land, sky and sea.  

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